The urban farm should be a cultural institution that connects the community to the sustainable food movement through stewardship of urban nature, healthful eating, and hands-on learning activities. The farm’s built environment should be respectful of and complement the existing elements and context, and should feel as familiar and welcoming as a kulturhus. The surrounding community should treat the farm as a collective kolonihaver: a neighborhood garden where each person feels responsible for and connected to the agriculture inside.

The urban farm will do as much as possible to be a low-energy, Active House—that is, it will aim to give back to its inhabitants (residents, visitors, and animals) more than it takes away. This will be accomplished through harnessing natural resources, responsibly recycling, and creating a clean and healthy environment for both people and animals.

The urban farm will be in a constant cycle of production and regeneration, and the buildings will support this level of activity. Waste produced will be utilized to create energy for power, plants, people, and animals on the farm.

My design gives form to the Carl Jacobsen’s belief that “living art belongs to the living people,” and “it must not only be the rich man’s possession.” As an artist residency, the new building will be constantly churning with creativity and artistry. As a centerpiece for the Bryggernes Plads, the building will provide a continuous spectacle of art and ideation on display for the passersby. This will contribute to Alejandro Aravena’s goal “to produce architecture for the common good – no matter how small the success, ” and to Carlsberg Byen’s goal of “ensuring diversity in the recreational and cultural activities that we offer, so that as many people as possible are attracted to our area.”

At the same time, the residence will be private and undisturbed by the bustling life in the plaza. My design is mindful of surrounding site context; both drawing from historical buildings’ forms as well as the geometries from new buildings. It will be distinct enough to stand as a recognizable landmark in Carlsberg Byen, providing connectivity within the city as a whole. It is a sustainable building that will contribute to Copenhagen’s 2025 Carbon Neutral goals. 

Scale model of Mobile Barber Shop